Customs Administration and Trade Solutions Ireland Limited

Who we are.

CATS IE is the Business Name for Customs Administration and Trade Solutions Ireland Limited. Our company began operations in January 2004 and is committed to delivering the best solution possible for our customers, with Compliance and Customer Service as our corner stone.

What we do.

CATS IE meets the ever-changing business requirements of each of our customers in the best time possible. We understand and acknowledge that customers have their own individual business requirements and legal obligations. This is why a key part of our strategy to develop a solution tailored to our Customers business. We do NOT create “One Size Fits All” or “One Stop Shop” solutions, which often fail to understand or meet an individual customers obligations and requirements.

Our Mission.

To provide and maintain a compliant, customer focused, cost effective solution for companies in all areas of our business.

CATS IE comprises of experience and knowledge gained over more than 30 years in the Customs and Foreign Trade Sector. Combining this with our extensive knowledge of Information Technology, enables us to provide up to date, and cost effective solutions for all our customers. We can therefore confidently assist our Customers throughout the global, ever changing maze of regulatory requirements and obligations.