Import Simplified Clearance.

What is simplified clearance?

Simplified Customs Clearance is a relatively new procedure with very positive implications for your import shipments.

Simplified Clearance means the end of delays caused by Customs Clearance procedures, including Customs examinations. Therefore your shipment is ready for delivery or collection as soon as it is unloaded from the plane or ship.

Import Simplified Clearance - Our Process.

CATS IE have been involved in the development of this procedure from the beginning, and have worked closely with some of the first companies in Ireland to received authorisations for Simplified Customs Clearance. Therefore we are uniquely positioned to assist you at every stage of the process; from your initial application to Customs and Excise through to administering your reporting commitments on a monthly basis. Simplified Customs Clearance means an end to individual entries for each shipment, which are replaced by a single entry at the end of each month. Also, by eliminating unforeseen Customs examinations it also enables you to plan deliveries and production schedules with a greater degree of control.

Key Benefits

01 Individual Customs Clearance charges are replaced by a single contract rate.

02 The delays and inconvenience caused by using multiple clearing agents, or a single clearing agent who needs to track down paperwork from several carriers is avoided.

03 An end to delays caused by Customs clearance, shipments are released on production of a single authorisation document.