Duty Savings.

Benefits of Duty Savings

There are many Customs Procedures and regimes which allow companies to discharge, draw back, or suspend Customs Duties, especially within the manufacturing sector. These procedures, once authorised by the Revenue Commissioners can deliver significant cost savings for companies on an ongoing basis.

Duty Savings - Our Process.

CATS IE has vast experience in the Application, Set-up, Reporting, Auditing and Management of these procedures. We can ensure that all advantages of the procedures are being implemented and that there is no financial leakage from the process. We can also ensure that each component used can be traced back to its original import declaration which is a requirement of most procedures during auditing by Revenue.

Our experience and abilities within the area of Duty Management cover the following procedures:

01 Inward Processing (Now Incorporating PCC)

02 End Use

03 Bonded Warehousing

04 Outward Processing

05 Excise Bonded Warehousing


Services provided within the following procedures include:

01 Compiling Applications & Annexes Application Process (CDS) & Revenue Meetings

02 Application Process (CDS) & Revenue Meetings

03 Internal Compliance Set-Up

04 Set-Up Monitoring Safeguard Management Reports

05 Full / Cost Effective Outsourcing Solution

06 Internal Process Auditing

07 Experienced Revenue Audit Attendance

Key Benefits

01 Save Costs

02 Ensure Compliance

03 STOP Financial Leakage

04 Audit Trail Program

04 Experienced and Capable Representation

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