Customs & Trade Consultancy.

Example: Trade Disputes

An Example of this service would be a dispute, for example, between the EU & US which results in an incremental duty levy on approximately 1500 commodities. CATS IE can run cross-checks against our customers’ part/tariff databases to identify any products which are effected, in order that necessary changes can implemented in a timely manner.

Other services.

THe FolLOwing are The primary areas within consultancy section:

  • European BTI Classification (See also Classification)

  • Pre-Revenue Audit Services

  • Dual Use Classification

  • The Wassenaar Arrangement
  • Advise on Day to Day Customs Issues

  • General Trade Information

  • Internal / External Report Development

  • Free Trade Agreements EUR / GSP Qualifications
  • Export Controls

  • Export Licence Applications

  • Duty Suspension Applications

  • Customs / Trade Training

Key Benefits:

01 Professional Representation

02 Cost Effective Service

03 Solutions Tailored to your Companies/Products requirements

04 Cross Industry experience

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