What is Intrastat?

Intrastat is a European Union system for collecting statistics on trade in goods between EU member states. It came into being in 1993 after the abolition of customs controls inside the EU and the creation of the European single market.

In addition to goods that have been bought and sold, Intrastat also covers goods that have moved between EU countries for other reasons (for repair, on loan or as part of co-ordinated relief works).

WHo should submit returns?

Every company importing or exporting goods from and to other EU member states is obliged to declare certain information. The amount of information required from you depends on whether the value of your Arrivals (purchases or imports) or Dispatches (sales or exports) exceeds the Intrastat threshold, which is currently €500,000 Euro and €635,000 respectively. The deadline for submission of the Intrastat monthly return to the Revenue Commissioners VIMA division* is the 23rd of the following month.

Companies that are required to complete Dispatch returns are also required to submit an additional VIES (VAT Information Exchange System) report, breaking down their dispatches by recipient VAT number.


Intrastat - Our Process.

Our Service for Intrastat Management

CATS IE are working with companies across Ireland and the UK to ensuring that the systems and processes in place are compliant and low in cost. Our solutions range from assisting companies to enhance their existing systems, providing a more cost effective and complaint way of managing the process, to a fully outsourced option.


Auditing Services and Attendance

Experienced audit review of current declarations and procedures combined with on-site attendance for Revenue Intrastat Audits.


Process Development

*VIMA = Vies and Intrastat Mutual Assistance